Chinese New Year Nature Table and Lanterns

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Our Seasonal Table for the Lunar New Year is taking shape and the children have enjoyed making these Chinese Lanterns from wool felt. The idea came from an activity we did at Steiner Parent and Child group at Christmas, using felt to make Christmas baubles, its so simple and fun, have a go!

You will need:

Wool batting for wet felting

Red wool roving for wet felting, I used orange too to make a tangerine at the same time (which are lucky at Lunar New Year)

A bowl


Warm water

A hand towel

Gold embroidery thread

Gold tassles (or tie 6 strands of embroidery thread together knot at the top and trim to desired length.

Red thread

A sewing needle

Apologies for the grid of images, I am trying to work out how to create a better gallery on this blog builder, for now this was the most simple way to display the images As they didn’t seem to be loaded in order every time I tried!

Have a go and bring some Lunar New Year Luck into your home! Don’t forget to tag #wedswillingttc

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