Creating a May Day Seasonal Display

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

May Day is such a joyous day, the colour, the flowers, the atmosphere, I really wanted to capture this joy on the Seasonal Table! We haven’t many figures for the table, although I have a couple of projects for over the next month which will remedy that we are having to make do with what we have at the moment. First things first though, I needed a Maypole.

Making the Maypole.

I have a box full of old haberdashery items, scraps of ribbons a plenty, we used some of the ribbon making our May Day Crowns. I was lucky that I had enough lengths of different colours for the ribbon. For the pole I fully intended on using a branch from the garden and securing it in some air drying clay or play dough. Now you may read my posts and think I am always finding branches to use, I have two trees in the garden which I prune well once a year, a pear and cherry tree and I usually keep all the branches back for a range of crafts during their year, from flags with play-silks, to Maypoles and advent wreaths! They definitely come in handy! So as it turns out I found quite a handsome branch, I sawn in down and brought inside, it happened to fit into the base of a bobbin holder which used to house my string, which worked great, as I pushed the branch in, the bark began to peel off, and I managed to peel it all off in one go, much like taking a sock off.. the branch so smooth underneath!

Once I had their branch in the holder I attached my strips of ribbon to the top using a little glue and then tied some fresh flowers to the top of the pole with some ribbon, I didn’t glue these because of course next year I will be adding fresh flowers again, and that was it. As I said we haven’t got any figures at the moment, but the people from our Grapat perpetual calendar work great and we have managed to match the colours to the ribbon. We finished the table with a posy of flowers left from making our May Crowns, and a freshly decorated beeswax candle with a blossom and freesia pattern.

I hope you agree the table looks so Jolly, and I am hoping to get a little watercolour done to accompany the table over the next couple of days! We are going to attempt a May Pole of sorts somewhere in the garden, try out some traditional Morris Dancing and have some lovely picnic food!

Have a great May Day tomorrow!

K x

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