Dried Orange Christmas Decorations

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Dried oranges are a must at Christmas, the scent of them, when combined with cloves and cinnamon sticks for example is wonderful and lasts through the season. They are so easy to do, all you need is an oven and some time, a little string or ribbon and some imagination.

How to dry oranges

I use our oven to dry oranges, you don't want the oven on too high a setting or they will burn, slices around 1.5 - 2cm thick take around 4 hours at around 65 Centigrade, whole oranges can take overnight or a whole day in a low oven.

So slice a few oranges up, pop them in the oven on a wire rack, baking trays may take a little longer, its always great if you have a warming casserole on the go so you are not wasting energy.

Once you have dried the oranges, you can use them in decorations, traditionally whole cloves can be stuck in the oranges and hung from trees, the cloves help keep the oranges fresh for longer! They may feel a little tacky when they are first done, but they will soon dry fully on the tree! Once dry I use a skewer to make a hole and thread some string which i then use to hang them.

I hope you agree they look wonderful! I hope you have fun making some homemade decorations for your home this year!

K x

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