Easter Hare Nest

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

✨Easter Hare Nest ✨ We have really missed our time @thevalleysteinerparentandchild during isolation. So I was so thrilled when they posted a beautiful idea for an Easter Hare Nest last week.


The little one loves picking flowers - and smelling them, so it was the perfect afternoon activity. I made a loose basket from some twigs pruned from our pear tree a couple of weeks ago. We lined the basket with some soft moss and decorated it with flowers in the hope that the Easter Hare will come before sunrise and leave a gift for us all. We have a virtual egg hunt over FaceTime planned with friends tomorrow...they will read our clues to us to find eggs and we will read theirs to them.


I plan some time of quiet reflection too. Easter has always been a time of such profound transformation for me personally and I do like to take ten minutes out of the joyous celebration of the day to think about my own personal growth and the year ahead.


I hope everybody has a lovely evening in the spring sunshine. Are you planning anything special for tomorrow or to prepare for Easter this evening?



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