Free Anthroposophical Dove Artwork for Whit Sunday

Today is Whit Sunday/Pentecost. I have fond memories as a child in our Parish Whit Walks in my White Communion Dress, walking the whole community behind a bag pipe band, banners and a statue of the Blessed Virgin. The day I did my Whit Walk was not dissimilar weather to what is forecast today...Hot! I remember my mum walking around the side of me, with my brother constantly giving me water. Under the layers of dress and a veil it was sweltering.

This morning for my inner work, I did a small anthroposophical painting for the seasonal table of a dove. I’ve scanned it and popped it on the blog in my free download section for anyone who wishes to download and print it out. As a symbol of peace and love I feel the dove transcends the day and we most certainly need peace love and wisdom to be heard in the world at the moment.


I hope you all have the most amazing and blessed day, whatever your faith, and find a small snippet of peace and wisdom in the day.

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