Happy Fathers Day

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

A beautiful keepsake for the most wonderful father in the world.

The wet on wet paintings from yesterday dried so beautifully and the little one added some extra decoration this morning with her crayons.

If you swipe you can see her beautiful doodles, she’s been showing representation of herself for a little while now in her doodles - see the lines in the middle of the circles..these lines are representing her developing consciousness as an individual in the world. Which fits right in with her language at the moment. The other day myself and daddy had hold of her, I was giving daddy a kiss, then Arya a kiss...after a while she said ‘No, my daddy’ she has demonstrated this at the dinner table too as she now refers to family members things as ‘yours’ ‘that nice your drink’. When she looks in the mirror she says ‘it’s me’. It’s such a wonderful and beautiful thing to witness a child slowly coming into their body and beginning to understand and form their own idea of their place in this world. And I feel so happy to have captured a tiny part of this on this card for her daddy, what we no doubt will look back on with love in years to come.

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