Homemade Christmas Wreaths

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Any festival and calibration calls for a lot of crafting here at home, my obsession with using what we have from the garden paid off again today when we collected items to make advent wreaths. Have a go yourself with items from your garden or winter walks - you will never buy decorations from the shops again!

Firstly you need some fresh cut branches to use as a base to hang the foliage from (I cut a few from the cherry tree in the front garden which needed a little haircut) - yes these here may look more of an Easter decoration, but they will be as christmassy as can be in just a few steps I promise!

Slowly work at bending the branch, as the branch slowly gives way and bends wrap it around itself to make a circle. You may wish to weave in another branch to make it stronger, so it resembles something like the above. If you wish to use some florist wire to secure you can - you can even use the florist wire for the base altogether if you have no branches to use, foraging for leaves and cuttings may be one thing, going out with a saw may be another!

Finally collect together all your cuttings and slowly weave them into the branch frame you have made, take your time to do this, enjoy a hot chocolate or mulled wine alongside some christmas carols. My children enjoy this activity so much and they have so much fun collecting all the evergreens in a basket or bag (be mindful of Holly this time of year as it can be razor sharp)

Finally add a ribbon and hang!

I hope you have fun making some handmade decorations this advent!

K x

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