Make your own counting pancakes.

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Very simple and easy to make these pancakes make great play food and serve as great math resources as children get older.

What you will need:

  • Some wool felt in a pancake colour, how much you need depends on the size you want your pancakes to be and how many you make, mine were quite small to fit on our plates in the play kitchen and I made five.

  • Wool felt in a contrasting colour -1 sheet

  • Matching or contrasting embroidery thread

  • A sewing needle.

How to make them

it is because they are handmade that makes these pancakes charming, don't worry if you are not amazing at hand stitching, they are a great introduction to handwork, or great for children who are a little older to make themselves.

Firstly decide how big you want them, make a circular template, you can draw round a plate, sellotape or anything you have to hand. You will need two circles per pancake. Next make some numbers and dots in the contrasting colour felt. Make the numbers clear and chunky.

Once you have your numbers, corresponding dots (like a die) hand stitch with a running stitch the number on one circle, and the dots onto another. Once stitched, sandwich these circles wrong sides together, and using blanket stitch if you dont know how to do it you can find a tutorial here,

Stitch the two circles to make the finished pancake. Work through each number until you are finished!

We have a jar of conkers which work well as the little one pops them on top of the corresponding dots. Popping them in the kitchen is enough to engage the children in number recognition naturally in their play.

Happy Pancake Day

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