Add your own magical fairy door to your playroom or child's bedroom

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Because every playroom needs a fairy door and every self respecting fairy door needs a wreath of rosemary at Christmas.

I think for my childhood, fairies were the image of magic and wonder. My uncle used to hide chocolates in a local nature spot and take me there to find if the fairies had left any gifts for me. It was the highlight of my week, discovering these amazing treats left for me in nature, and was probably his, glad no stay dog had ate the chocolate he had so painstakingly hid and sprinkled with glitter! Fairy doors, offer a whole wealth of conversation, of care, of privacy, of another world, of other possibilities, of imagination. So obviously we needed to add one to the playroom.

This little door opens and was inexpensive from my local craft store. Help make give magic to the door, allow your child to choose colours and paint it! use watercolours, and add personal touches. What world do they want the fairies to be greeted with when they come into your home? Maybe every now and then they can leave a little treat and vice versa.?

Do you have a fairy door or garden you would like to share?

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