Mothers Day or May Spring Cards

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

✨Wet on wet Mother’s Day cards✨ inspired by the cards we did at Christmas I wanted to do something similar for Mother’s Day.


Cards which really allow a process and immerse the children in their making.


The wet on wet watercolour is always magical and they enjoy watching the paint take on a life of its own, picking and pressing spring flowers (but leaving the bees plenty) has also been so pleasurable and such a sensory experience for the little one. It’s been a journey of colour and delicate textures.

You will need

  • Some watercolour paper of card.

  • Watercolours

  • Pressed spring flowers

How to make them

First get outdoors, pick some beautiful spring flowers and press them in-between some newspaper in a book

When making the cards, get the paints ready, start by wetting the paper, fixing it to a board to dry (I use a bamboo chopping board)

Light a candle and sing a spring song or verse, or a poem about mothers. Let your children explore the colour and immerse themselves in the experience.

When dry, apply glue liberally to where you want the flowers to go and gently stick them into place and allow to dry!

Sometimes the simplest of gifts is the most beautiful.


I wish a happy Mother’s Day to all tomorrow, I hope you realise how amazing you all are, even if you may not feel it! To the world you are one person, to to one person you ARE the world!


Love and Blessings



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