Our religious Easter Celebration Basket

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

I love our seasonal table in the playroom, it really reflects ways of bringing meaning and understanding to Easter which children will find easy to understand. But being religious (well I would say religious/spiritual) I wouldn’t say any one religion is right or wrong even though I follow Christianity I do like to include a reverent and simple reminder of the celebration of Easter and the mysteries this season holds.

This is simply a basket I lined with a food bin liner (so bio degradable bag) I filled it with soil much like my lantern garden and added some moss and flowers from the garden. I found a couple of sticks outside, broke them to the correct lengths and tied them together to form a cross. The basket remains like this until Easter Sunday when i add a piece of white cloth (I keep a basket of scraps for craft, you could always knit one) over the cross to symbolise the resurrection of Christ.

The basket remains like this until the Ascension and will be sprayed with water daily to keep it alive.

Have a Blessed and Happy Easter

K x

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