The Winter Playroom

I always like to bring seasonality to the playroom by gently adjusting what is on offer here for play.

Play items and crayons and pencils for free drawing are easily accessible for the little one, she need not ask for anything - it’s all at hand.

I thought I would share the subtle changes to what’s on offer in the room.

I love having natural loose parts in the kitchen area, in winter this gradually transitions from conkers, acorns and other autumn seeds we have collected to walnuts, jars of cranberries, pine cones and dried orange slices. Alongside these in the kitchen is a jar of my ‘monthly’ playdough from my Waldorf magic pack, along with a pestle and mortar, utensils, rolling pins and other kitchen ware to bring industrious play to life and allow for imitation. Let’s not forget a cloth, a spray bottle with some water and soap in and a tea towel. So the little one can live in the processes she’s sees in the home through play.

You won’t find any puzzles with shapes inset, or sizes, the couple of stacking towers we have are sufficient for any formal toys with these purposes and are more open ended and flexible in their use (do you remember the stepping stones across the river with the grimms stacker), the little one learns shape and size through everything she experiences - Mathematics to her, now, is something so intricately connected to the universe - not something presented on a board detached from her experiences. she stacks orange slices in size order talking about their size shape and colour looking through their translucent dried skin, she makes triangles holding her hands together , wings when she crosses her feet - she sees circles in the sun and the moon. Everything to her is Magical.

The rest of the play items are our usual open ended baskets of wood slices and branches, pine cones and crystals. Alongside a few handmade floor puppets and my play-mat and hand painted play scenes from my December Waldorf Magic.

I hope this gives a few ideas to those who have asked. I will share my books and paintings to tomorrow as I want to type a list and pop them into a blog post.

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