This seasons art selection

I had a lot of great feedback last season about the Art Cards I printed for the little one, to accompany her books. I love Art (I studied it for two years and have been a lifelong lover of it too in all its forms).

So here is my Winter art selection (click below to download a PDF printout , many of you asked last time how I use my Art Cards. Generally we look at the images, we talk about them, and I make up stories, what is happening, what might have happened, what happens next. The little one might point to and talk about things she relates to and we build on those experiences following her lead. We do not use all the cards at once and I usually split them over the months of winter

For spring I am looking at incorporating sculpture and other forms of art in my selection but I truly hope you find joy in this little selection. I will pop my books on a post tomorrow (I am still waiting for a couple to arrive.

Peace and love to you all

Kelly x

@thewaywewaldorf Winter Art Selection
PD • 2.45MB

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