Waldorf Star Waxed Paper Lanterns.

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Waxed paper star lanterns are so beautiful, and especially so when the dark is closing in and cosy evenings with family are treasured. These lanterns can be used for any celebrations and are a great year round make! They look amazing and are relatively simple, there are a few ways to make these, I love this way the best as it only involves one cut!

What you will need:

  • Thick sketchbook paper - the bigger the better, I have an A3 sketchbook and I often use that

  • Watercolour paints and a brush.

  • Olive Oil or vegetable oil

  • Scissors

  • A tealight (Can be battery operated too)

Making your lantern:

  • First you need to make your paper base, I measure a square out on my A3 paper which measures around 30cm x 30cm you can make a smaller one, but I think this size looks lovely and is not as fiddly to fold.

  • Have fun painting on the paper, use bright colours and apply it liberally to the paper, you can paint a picture if you like, bear in mind the centre point of the square will form the bottom of the lantern so your images need to move away from it.

  • Once painted and dry, oil the paper with a layer of olive oil or vegetable oil, this will not only make it safer for candles, it gives the paper a translucent look when lit which lets the light shine through your watercolour beautifully. Once the oil has dried. Its time to fold...the instructions correspond with the images from left to right ,

  1. Fold your paper down the centre, both ways to form a cross.

  2. Turn the paper over and now fold from corner to corner. Turn the paper back over and from this position gently push your paper towards the centre.

  3. The paper should start to naturally fold and you can fold it flat into a square.

  4. Lift a leaf of the square up

  5. Gently push down, forming a cone along the leaf of paper

  6. 6. push flat and crease, making sure the centre fold line on the leaf of paper is aligned with the line underneath. You should now have a kite shape

  7. Fold the leaf over like turning the page in a book

  8. Pick up the next leaf and repeat the process,

  9. Carry on until all are folded flat and your paper resembles a kite shape with a split in the middle.

  10. Cut the top off your kite so you are left with a triangle.

  11. Fold the corner of the right side or your triangle to the centre line

  12. Repeat the process turning each piece like a page in a book and folding the right hand corner until they are all folded down.

  13. Now Pick up each corner you have just folded in turn, straighten it back out and tuck it inside behind the centre line, use the crease you have made as a guide for where you should tuck it down.

  14. Repeat the process, tucking each triangle behind, you will be left with what looks like an origami gemstone

  15. Put the new gemstone flat on the table so you are looking at a kite shape again.

  16. Fold over the top edge of each kite as shown.

  17. Fold each piece over again as if turning the pages of a book, working your way around folding the top edge of the kite over to form a triangle again.

  18. Once done hold it pointy down up on a table, gently push out your star, gently push the point to a flat on the table and use you fingers to make a bottom, it can be as shallow or as deep as you like, make sure the opening of your star is wide enough to allow a candle with plenty of room for a flame.

Never leave your lantern unattended and always supervise children around them. I hope you have fun with this craft! Enjoy!

K x

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