Winter Bauble Bird Feeders

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Winter can be a tough time for wildlife, food is scarce and its lovely to be able to involve children in caring for the wildlife around them. The last couple of years we have found real joy in making these bauble bird feeders. They are great as they are not only practical for the birds, they make use of the autumn pine cones we have found on walks and brighten up winter bare branches!

What you will need:

  • A selection of pine cones, we usually choose the biggest ones we have found.

  • Peanut butter (make sure it has no salt content) or fat balls for birds

  • A selection of mixed seeds and nuts, suet pellets for birds. If you have any specific species in your garden make a fun project and find out which they benefit from and like best

  • Natural String or twine, do not use plastic or nylon as it can be a hazard for birds and nature

  • A couple of spoons

  • A table covering if you don't like mess.

How to make them :

They are so simple and easy to make, even for little hands! Firstly you are best tying the string on, find a place on the cone which allows the string to be tied securely and tie in a double knot. Then put the seeds or pellets into bowls to make the next process easier.

Use the spoons to spread the peanut butter or fat onto the cone, ensuring it is thickly and liberally applied.

Holding the top of the cone, press it into the bowls of seeds and nuts. We do some in one type and some with a mixture to provide variety for the birds in our garden!

Finally hang them from a tree, high enough for birds to eat safely. Enjoy watching as they come back again and again. These are also a great activity for celebrating Yule and decorating a winter tree!

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